No Limits

7 min.

A story about falling in love seen through the eyes of a shy, reserved employee who daydreams about spending time with an attractive colleague from work.

DIRECTOR: Christian Marazziti
SCREENWRITER: Christian Marazziti | Gabriele Iacovone | Gianluca Spinello | Gianni Corsi

Languages: N/A

A special screening of all our Short Selections

Approx 80 min.

Friday, June 3, 3 pm

Jean Cocteau Cinema


8 min.

Leonard lives in slow motion, in a fast world. Either he or the world will need to find a way to match pace.

DIRECTOR: Peter Livolsi

Languages: Italian / English

Courtesy of Rome Creative Contest

Phone: (505) 428-9297

Narrative Short Films

Select Shorts will be coupled with features.


Chicken Pox (2015)
13 min.

Chicken pox is a harmless illness for young children, but for adults it can be very dangerous. Mom suggests it would be good to get the boy sick… so he can get it while he’s young. Dad isn’t so sure.

DIRECTOR: Fulvio Risuleo
SCREENWRITER: Fulvio Risuleo

Languages: Italian (English subtitles)

Courtesy of Rome Creative Contest


Christian (2015)
12 min.

The story of a thief who lives a Godless life in the margins of society. He carries a mysterious and secret pain.  Over time, however, this torment will prove to be something more: a source of power that he must learn to control.

DIRECTOR: Roberto Saku Cinardi
SCREENWRITER: Roberto Saku Cinardi, Giorgio Varano

Languages: Italian (English subtitles)

Courtesy of Rome Creative Contest

How I Didn't Become a Piano Player​

18 min.

Ted is the clumsiest kid in the world. Desperately seeking a vocation, he finds hope in an old discarded piano.

DIRECTOR: Tommaso Pitta

Languages: English

Courtesy of Rome Creative Contest

Due Piedi Sinistri​

Two Left Feet (2015)
6 min.

In a working class neighborhood of Rome, Mirko plays football with his friends. Luana knows, sits and watches. The two like each other at first, but a surprise leaves Mirko speechless. A quick recovery suggests the birth of a possible friendship.

DIRECTOR: Isabella Salvetti
SCREENWRITER: Nicola Guaglianone

Languages: Italian (English subtitles)

Courtesy of Rome Creative Contest

Shorts Program

              Shorts Program Partner 

Roma Creative Contest is an International Short Film Festival organized in Rome by the Arts Association, Images Hunters. Composed entirely of a young team of under 30's, over the years the Association has developed numerous cultural projects, with the aim to promote and award young talents, supporting a conscious and ironic approach to cinema.

Every year the Festival expands the offer for participants and audience, launching new competitive sections, enhancing international collaborations and encouraging training activities, with a special attention to the use of digital technologies in film industry. Roma Creative Contest is an opportunity to share ideas, stories and knowledge; a space dedicated to the development of a new vision of cinema, captured with new eyes, innovated in style and content.

Giuseppe Tornatore


Beautiful (2015)
12 min.

Veronica is a twenty year old girl imprisoned in an overweight body. One night in a club, suffering from heartbreak, she hides in the bathroom, convinced that no one can see her. Fate, however, has other plans.

DIRECTOR: Alessandro Capitani
SCREENWRITER: Alessandro Capitani, Pina Turco

Languages: Neapolitan (Italian & English subtitles)

Courtesy of Rome Creative Contest

Brando Bartoleschi
Lorenzo Di Nola
Raffaele Inno

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