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Florindo e Carlotta - 

La Vita Segreta delle


Florindo and Carlotta - The Secret Life of Snails

15 min. – Short

Florindo is a disabled poet who has come to collect a prize of poetry in a village forgotten by the world. Carlotta is a prostitute who works on one of the endless streets of these desolate places and lives in an old farmhouse with coworkers, extravagant characters and failed artists. Their meeting will change both their lives. A letter of eviction arrives to the farmhouse. Panic. They are all stragglers, without work or hope. Florindo shows Carlotta the poster of a competition with a prize in cash that could help them to buy the farmhouse. She doesn’t believe they can participate: a disabled person in a wheelchair and one like her, a prostitute. They quarrel and interrupt their friendship. An unexpected episode leads them to meet again and now they decide to participate in the competition, with unexpected results.

DIRECTOR: Rossella Bergo
SCREENWRITER: Rossella Bergo | Nicoletta Canazza
CAST: Cristiano Neri | Rossella Bergo
Languages: Italian (English subtitles)


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2017 Oniros Film Awards
     Best Horror - October 2017
Short Polis Film Festival
     Competition Premiere

     Special Mention - Atmosphere

Seating limited; availability cannot be guaranteed.

Io Non Le Credo

I Don’t Believe You (2017)
9 min. – Horror / Thriller / Noir / Paranormal Short

An exorcist is called to check if the home of a vulnerable community resident is really infested, but things will not go in the right way...

DIRECTOR: Luca Bertossi
CAST: Stefano Mussinano | Sebastiano Zoletto | Mariacristina Barbetti
Languages: Italian (English subtitles)

Seating limited; availability cannot be guaranteed.


PhiSOlophy (2017)
17 min. – Comedy Short

Q&A with Filmmaker following film

Three retired friends love to talk in a bar in their village. They do not talk about politics, sports or local gossip but are questioning on philosophical themes that will bring them to life in an animated way. The flashbacks of a more erudite narrator than others will open up surreal moments that trigger these new questions. Between doubts and certainties, between faith and reason, friends will reflect on the fundamental questions of existence.

DIRECTOR: Nicola Palmeri
SCREENWRITER: Nicola Palmeri
CAST: Antonello Puglisi | Domenico Centamore | Stefano Chiodaroli
Languages: Italian (English subtitles)

Verso Casa

The Way Home (2017)
26 min. – Drama Short

Michele is a Sardinian kid, fatherless, exuberant and rebellious. One morning he skips school and reaches a coastal town, apparently deserted. He wanders through the streets of the city, has an accident, gets scared and goes back home. He asks his mother for help, but she ignores him. He runs away and roams, lonely and abandoned, as a stray dog, through ruins and wild paths, pushing himself further away from the sea. Exhausted, he descends a gorge carved in red rock, at the end of which he commits a violence that will change him forever.

DIRECTOR: Federico Olivetti
SCREENWRITER: Damiano D’Innocenzo | Federico Fava | Luciano Colavero | Federico Olivetti
CAST: Piero Cossu | Federica Stefanelli | Maurizio Pulina | Nicola Sechi | Mattia Fronteddu
Languages: Italian (English subtitles)

Volevamo Fare U'Cinema

We Wanted to Make Pictures (2017)
14 min. – Comedy Short

Paolo and Davor, the former Calabrian, the latter Serbian, have one aim in life: to make pictures. What unites them, other than their obvious ineptitude, is a passionate love for a great master: Marco Bellocchio. And so one day, between one hit on the bong and another, Paolo reads in a magazine that… Marco Bellocchio is going to shoot his next film in Bobbio! They have to go there, meet him and, whatever it takes, discover the secret to Making Pictures!

DIRECTOR: Nicolò Gentili
SCREENWRITER: Nicolò Gentili
CAST: Marco Bellocchio | Pier Giorgio Bellocchio | Daniele Cipri’ | Gianni Schicchi | Paolo Porchi | Davor Marinkovic
Languages: Italian | Serbian (English subtitles)

CineFesta Italia of Santa Fe
c/o Consulate of Italy
58 S. Federal Place
Santa Fe NM 87501

2018 Short FILMS Program

Total Run Time 93 min.

Sunday, April 22 - 12:15 pm

Jean Cocteau Cinema

Seating limited; availability cannot be guaranteed.

Seating limited; availability cannot be guaranteed.


     Best Mediterranean Short
2018 Maazzeni Film Festival
     Grand Jury Special Award


Il Profumo delle Stelle

Scent of the Stars (2017)
12 min. – Drama Short

Nino, out of the madhouse after thirty years, finds himself incapable of living otherwise. Just as Adriano, a hospital doctor, shot home from his wife and also unable to find the courage to face life. They all will find the meaning of small things again.

DIRECTOR: Francesco Felli
SCREENWRITER: Francesco Felli
CAST: Alessandro Habert | Giorgio Colangeli
Languages: Italian (English subtitles)

Seating limited; availability cannot be guaranteed.

Seating limited; availability cannot be guaranteed.